About Us


Overview of LEC GROUP

LEC GROUP is one of the large and prestigious corporations in the coal import industry in Vietnam. Established from a combination of two leading Capella and Ote groups specializing inmulti-industry and energy solutions, LEC GROUP leads in importing coal based on Southeast Asia’s network. Private and global in general, LEC GROUP operates major ports in the country and provides service chains throughout Asia.
In order to support coal import activities, LEC GROUP also provides comprehensive logistics solutions (port services, customs clearance transportation services, freighttrans shipment, bonded warehouses, non-bonded warehouse and other projects) and connect commodity suppliers with fuel importers and exporters.


LEC GROUP supplies key imported coal for thermal power plants and cement plants in Vietnam. We are committed to providing quality imported coal that brings high economic value to our customers.


LEC GROUP expands coal and fuel import and export networks in order to successfully connect import and export communities in Indochina, Southeast Asia, Asia in particular and globally in general.

Core Values

LEC GROUP promotes coal import activities based on the strength of infrastructure and dedicated human resources in parallel with caring and protecting the ecological environment.

Logistic Infrastructure

Package logistics system – High technology
LEC GROUP focuses on applying information technology and e-commerce in the process of providing logistics services to customers. As a result, logistic services suchas order processing, delivery, payment, goods recovery, driver tracking … are made faster and easier.

Our Team

Connecting the global import and export community
In LEC GROUP, we always put quality first, work effectively to bring the most suitable solutionfor each customer. Despite the overwhelming advantage of technology, we believe that it is people that make LEC different.