Imported Thermal Coal


Australian coal is one of Australia’s largest energy sources and is used primarily in coal-fired power plants. Imported Australian coal of Vietnam is mainly brown coal and black coal. Australian coal output accounts for nearly 30% of the country’s total coal import.

Advantages of Australian coal

Stable quality

Australian coal has stable technical characteristics and sustainable structure, thus enhancing combustion efficiency during the operation of thermal power plants and cement plants.

High calorific value

Australian coal has a high calorific capacity when burned with other materials, so it is commonly used in boilers or thermal power plants.

High applicability

Australian coal is highly applicable to many industries in Vietnam today such as: thermal power, cement, metallurgy, chemistry, artificial fibers, plastics ...

Abundant reserves

Australia has about 7% of commercially available coal reserves, ranking fifth in world coal reserves with high mining potential.

Classify Australian coal by calorific value

Assess coal through indicators


6,108 GAR

Calorific Value 5,897 NAR
Sulphur 0.5 % TS
Ash 20 % Ash
Total Moisture 8 % TM
Size 0-50mm


5,402 GAR

Calorific Value 5,163 NAR
Sulphur 0.51 % TS
Ash 26.7 % Ash
Total Moisture 10.5 % TM
Size 0-50mm


5,162 GAR

Calorific Value 4,950 NAR
Sulphur 0.8 % TS
Ash 3 % Ash
Total Moisture 10 % TM
Size 0-50mm


5,650 – 5,850 GAR

Calorific Value 5,470 NAR
Sulphur 0.4 % - 0.6% TS
Ash 19-21 % Ash
Total Moisture 10 % TM
Size 0-50mm


5,850 GAR

Calorific Value 5,560 NAR
Sulphur 0.52 % TS
Ash 22 % Ash
Total Moisture 4 % TM
Size 0-50mm

Geographic distribution of Australian coal and port clusters

Photos of Australian coal mining

Australian coal is imported from leading coal miners in Australia by LEC GROUP and guarantees absolute quality.

The future prospects of


The Australian coal mining industry is constantly being improved to ensure the safety of human resources and the natural environment. Australia is a reliable manufacturer of high quality thermal and metallurgical coal for the international market. With the system of high-tech coal mining, loading and transporting facilities, as well as the effective management level, Australian coal imported into Vietnam always ensures quality and price.

In the future, the Australian coal industry will continue to operate with the goal of producing and exporting high-quality coal, replacing low-quality coal that causes many emissions to control pollution and climate change. Energy solutions will help coal-fired power plants become more environmentally friendly.

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