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Discover the uses of coal in industry

Currently, the situation of coal imported from other countries into our country is quite large, but mainly imported from Indonesia, Australia and Russia. In which, coal source from Indonesia still accounts for the highest proportion (53.3%), based on recent statistics in the last two years.

The use of coal in industries is something we cannot deny. Coal is the most widely used fuel in the countries and is mainly used in large quantities in industries. Currently, our country’s main source of imported coal is Indonesian coal, Australian coal and Russian coal.

Talking about the use of coal, with its flammable properties and large heat, half of the world’s thant is used to generate electricity, the rest is for industry, mainly in the metallurgy industry. In addition, coal is also used for the chemical industry to create products such as pharmaceuticals, plastics and synthetic fibers.

The use of coal is effectively utilized by investors and factories in production

The use of coal is of great help to manufacturers
Before discussing the use of coal, LEC GROUP will explain to you the important components of coal – one of the most commonly used fuel energy sources in our country.

The main ingredients in coal include carbon, sulfur, and other impurities. These elements will help to easily burn and generate thermoelectric energy and be used efficiently in the thermoelectric industries.

Uses of coal: Why does the demand for imported coal increase while Vietnam is a resource-rich country?
In the current context, when the use of coal is undeniable, coal imported from other countries is an effective solution for our country’s manufacturing industry.

Why? When the renewable energy cannot be produced in time to serve the needs of the people, but the coal source near the surface has been fully exploited, the coal mines are deep in the ground, even minus 300m above the water level. The sea requires continuous improvement of mining techniques, so the mining cost also increases many times, leading to a high increase in domestic coal cost.

Meanwhile, other countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Russia … with abundant coal reserves and ports located close to Vietnam, can supply coal to Vietnam in large quantities and at reasonable prices. Understanding this, LEC GROUP has supported and accompanied manufacturers to import high quality and cheap coal to serve the increasingly high demand for thermal power.

Advantages and uses of coal imported from neighboring countries
use of coal

LEC imports all kinds of coal from Indonesia, Australia, Russia
Recognizing the use of coal and the scarce domestic coal situation, the current situation of coal imports from other countries to our country is quite large, but mainly imported from Indonesia, Australia and Russia. In which, coal source from Indonesia still accounts for the highest proportion (53.3%), based on recent statistics in the last two years.

In order to have access to high quality imported coal, LEC is considered as one of the reputable and quality destinations that can supply the market with high output.

Regarding the advantages of coal imported from other countries, we can mention the following 4 points:

No harm to the environment. The types of coal that Vietnam focuses on importing all share the same characteristics of less ash and less sulfur. This has a positive effect on the coal burning process, does not cause the greenhouse effect.
Favorable geographical position between countries to cooperate with Vietnam. The countries where Vietnam chooses imported coal sources are located quite close to Vietnam. Therefore, lower coal cost as well as labor cost for mining are also supported.

Coal reserves are plentiful, can be exploited well and meet the export demand. According to the most recent statistics from the General Department of Specialization, only Indonesian coal is enough to supply the market in the present and in the future.
The thermal range of coal types is quite diverse, including 4 different thermal groups, so it can be applied in more fields of coal thermal energy generation.
Coal is used for a wide variety of industries and industries

Thanks to the uses of coal in general and imported coal in particular, coal is very popular in the Vietnamese market, from production to advanced industries. Specifically, we can see the presence of coal in:

Industry uses fuel and combustion, with the aim to produce the country’s daily electricity consumption.

Operation of steam engines and locomotives, contributing to heat to thermal power plants and the metallurgy industry
Applied to the chemical industries, manufacturing water purifiers, sugar coating, poison masks
Create new compounds such as plastics, artificial fibers or electrodes for everyday electrical appliances

Hopefully, through this article, you will gather more useful information about the use of coal as well as the fields of application from coal around our lives. If you have those questions