Imported Thermal Coal


Indonesian coal plays an important role in balancing energy and fuel prices in Asian countries.With top quality coal and accounting for about 2.2% of total global coalreserves, Indonesia is one of the world’s largest coal producers and suppliers.

Advantages of Indonesian coal

Diverse heat range

Indonesian coal has a diverse range of heat from low to high, so it is widely used to manufacture thermal equipment capable of successfully converting fuel.

Cheap freight

The freight from Indonesia to Vietnam is cheap and the geographical distance is quite close, thus improving the price of Indonesian coal products.

Reasonable price

Indonesian coal has abundant reserves, so it is much cheaper to buy directly at the mine than other types of coal.

Low ash content

The amount of slag after burning Indonesian coal during the production of thermal power is very small (less than 10%) so it does not pollute the environment and affect human health.

Indonesia coal classification according to ICI

Evaluation of coal through ICI

ICI - 1

6,500 GAR

Calorific Value 6,200 NAR
Sulphur 0.8 % TS
Ash 12 % Ash
Total Moisture 1-10 % TM
Size 0-100mm

ICI - 2

5,800 GAR

Calorific Value 5,500 NAR
Sulphur 0.8 % TS
Ash 10 % Ash
Total Moisture 15 % TM
Size 0-100mm

ICI -3

5,000 GAR

Calorific Value 5,000 NAR
Sulphur 0.6 % TS
Ash 8 % Ash
Total Moisture 3-28 % TM
Size 0-100mm

ICI - 4

4,200 GAR

Calorific Value 3,800 NAR
Sulphur 0.4 % TS
Ash 6 % Ash
Total Moisture 32 % TM
Size 0-100mm

ICI - 5

3,400 GAR

Calorific Value 3,400 NAR
Sulphur 0.2 % TS
Ash 4 % Ash
Total Moisture 46 % TM
Size 0-100mm

Geographic distribution of Indonesian coal

Photos of Indonesian coal mining

LEC GROUP creates favorable conditions for businesses and manufacturing plants to access the best and highest quality Indonesian coal.

The future prospects of


Coal imported from Indonesia has always been the top choice for power plants and companies because of the superior cost and quality benefits that it brings to the coalmining and export industry. Mining from a country “Van Dao” with abundant coal reserves, coal quality is carefully surveyed and evaluated, Indonesian coal always plays a key role in the power generation industry andother energies. 

In the future, clean coal mining technologies are expected to bring high value not only in the manufacturing sector but also in improving the quality of life and environment. These clean coal technologies focus on reducing coal-fired emissions in electricity generation and are still on a sustainable development progress.

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