Imported Thermal Coal


Russian coal is an abundant source of coal, contributing an important part of the energy to the world. Russia is the third largest country in coal reserves and the world’s largest coal producerand producer (accounting for 4.5% of global coal production).

Advantages of Russian coal

High calorific value

Russian coal is flammable when burned with other materials, so it enhances the efficiency of the heating process in boilers and thermal power plants.

Effective application

The quality and characteristics of Russian coal are quite similar to coal in Vietnam, so it is suitable for domestic factories.

Quality improved

The volume of Russian coal processed and processed at coal plants is increasing. Increased calorie content should improve coal quality.

Abundant reserves

Abundant Russian coal supply (Russian coal accounts for 15.5% of world coal reserves) contributes to balancing other energy reserves, thereby reducing the price of oil, gas, gasoline, fuel ...

Classification of Russian coal by calorific value

Assess coal through indicators


6,373 GAR

Calorific Value 6,171 NAR
Sulphur 0.39 % TS
Ash 18.7 % Ash
Total Moisture 10 % TM
Size 0-50mm


6,287 GAR

Calorific Value 6,081 NAR
Sulphur 0.47 % TS
Ash 17.2 % Ash
Total Moisture 10 % TM
Size 0-25mm


5,684 GAR

Calorific Value 5,424 NAR
Sulphur 0.25 % TS
Ash 18 % Ash
Total Moisture 14%
Size 0-50mm



Calorific Value 4,800 NAR
Sulphur 0.4 % TS
Ash 10 % Ash
Total Moisture 22 % TM
Size 0-50mm

Distribution of Russian coal in the South and export ports to Asia

Photos of Russian coal mining

High-quality Russian coal is extracted from leading Russian corporations and imported by LEC GROUP to serve industry and production in Vietnam.

The future prospects of


Source of coal imported from Russia is very potential for Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular. Thanks to the flexible pricing policy of Russian companies on the international market, Russian coal is produced at a relatively low cost. At the same time, inrecent years, Russia has focused on processing coal. Creating new products based on traditional raw materials will create opportunities for entire industries.

Currently, Russia is seeking to reuse ash and slag generated by coal-fired power plants, to reduce the toxicity of waste and recover valuable materials. This method is more environmentally friendly and helps to check the structure, composition of ash and develop techniques for making iron, aluminum and silicon from coal ash.

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