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How are coal types on the market assessed and classified?

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How are coal types on the market assessed and classified?

Coal is diverse and rich in size, color, shape, chemical properties, and each has a certain meaning.

Coal is classified in various ways, one of which is based on its macroscopic shape, including:


Specific color: glossy black
This is a brittle coal that tends to break into small pieces, but thick layers of vitrain will show conchoidal fractures (the characteristic fracture surface of glass and other brittle materials not available). crystal structure) when broken.
Vitrain is formed in dry surface conditions than other types of coal. Once underground, stagnant groundwater prevented complete decomposition of woody plant tissues to form Vitrain coal.


Specific color: Dull black to dark gray
Formed in peat mines below water level, where only components like liptinite and inertinite exist, these components resist the decomposition and inorganic minerals accumulated from sedimentation.


Specific color: Light, thin and dull black
Formally, it is a combination of vitrain and durain coal


Extremely soft and brittle than other types of coal, so when broken will become a fine powder
Formation in peat mines swept by forest fires along with the growth of fungi creates high temperatures or by oxidation underground.


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