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Does import coal really easy?

⚡️ For a long time coal has been the main source of energy for many production activities. But with the “insufficient supply and demand” situation as currently, the coal import is the most optimal solution.

However, coal import activities still face many problems and challenges due to the volatile coal market in the world.

🎯 In order to have an abundant source of imported coal, the prerequisite is that the coal exporting country has policies and laws to support coal export. Depending on the country, the export policy in each country will be different.

Thermal Coal in Indonesia

📌 For example, in Indonesia, coal mining companies are only allowed to export up to 75% of the coal produced in the year (if domestic coal consumption in this country is 25%). However, the country also stipulates that supplying coal to the domestic market is absolutely urgent and should be a priority, if coal mining companies do not provide enough coal for the domestic market will be severely punished. Therefore, if the companies are fined, it will affect more or less the amount of coal supplied to the international market in general and Vietnam in particular.
📌 Apart from Indonesia, another country also famous for its abundant coal import and high quality is Russia. Although there is a more relaxed policy on coal export (because the domestic market mainly uses gas), the geographical location of the mines as well as the ports are far from each other, which makes it less convenient for coal transportation by road. waterway, while rail transport will create additional costs incurred during transportation. Therefore, Russian coal faces huge barriers in terms of distance and transportation costs when importing to Vietnam

Thermal Coal in Australia

📌 Australia is one of the best-known countries for exporting coal on the international market, but due to many regulations and constraints, along with other environmental taxes, the coal price is less competitive. than coal of the same kind from other countries.
💡 Thus, it can be seen that coal import is not simple, not only meets market difficulties but also encounters geographical, tax, law, .. barriers in exporting countries.
⭐️⭐️ However, with years of experience in Vietnam’s energy industry, LEC is proud to be the leader in coal import, always providing customers with coal imported from Indonesia, Russia, Australia. amount, stable with the most reasonable price.


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